Group Insurance

Group Insurance Plans

By providing the protection to your employees, which they deserve, you are making their work place bound with financial security. life100 offers a great group benefit package at a reasonable price for your company and employees.

What is Group health insurance ?

It is an insurance plan that provides coverage on healthcare issues to a selected bunch of people.

Group health insurance plans are the most important benefits offered to employees or members of the group.

Group insurance plans cost relatively less than individual plans that provides similar benefits. The reason behind this is the risk factor that is considered over a group rather than an individual and the benefits collected by the group members will be tax-free. These plans are uniform in nature, offering similar benefits to all the employees or members of the group.

What is Group term life insurance?

It is a type of term life insurance plan offered to employees or members of the group. The features of the plan are similar to the Group health insurance plan except the coverage will provide a benefit to the beneficiaries, if the covered individual dies during the insured period.

Why do you need Group Insurance?

Group Life Insurance

Group Life insurance assists to shield the financial security of your employee’s family.

Group Health and Dental Insurance

This Group Insurance policy allows you to add more weight on your employee’s health plan. Our policy provides the option of basic or comprehensive coverage.

Group Disability Insurance

A Group Insurance policy that shields your employee’s income with disability coverage.

The right employee benefits solution can help you reach both short and long term goals. life100 deliver group benefit plans and services that meets your requirement.

We are committed to identify customized solutions for meeting the needs of you and your employees. We work with you to determine the coverage and benefits that are within your budget and best suited to your company and workforce.