Travel Insurance

Travel insurance

The main purpose of the travel insurance is to cover all the emergency medical expenses, financial and other losses incurred while you are travelling.

Why do you need a Travel Insurance?

While travelling beyond your country’s borders, your government health care insurance plans won’t be efficient. Medical expenses in Canada are very high. Thousands of dollars may be charged by hospitals. Canadian hospitals charge a non-resident fee to patients, which is not covered under a government health insurance plan.

Travel insurance from life100 offers protection to you and your family from medical expenses, when you are travelling around the world. With travel insurance from life100, you can rest assured that you have financial security during an emergency.

How to choose the Right Travel Insurance?

Choosing a travel insurance that meets your requirements and budget is simpler with your selection of travel packages and plans. While considering the options, below are a few things to think about:

Determine the amount of protection you need

If you need protection against a wide spectrum of situations, opt a travel insurance package. life100 packages can shield you against medical emergency expenses including trip interruption and cancellation, if you’re travelling on a plane or a cruise.

If public transportation is not included in your travelling plan, a travel medical insurance might be sufficient. life100 gives you adequate coverage for eligible medical emergency expenses. life100 also offers trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Determine the places you’re going

Whether you’re going across countries or continents, life100 has the coverage you need.

To select appropriate packages from life100, consider the following travelling scenarios

  • Need complete protection when you are travelling outside of Canada.
  • Need a medical emergency coverage when you are travelling outside your country (includes travelling outside Canada).
  • Need comprehensive protection when travelling within Canada.
  • Life100 offers you medical emergency insurance, if you’re a visitor or immigrant to Canada.

Also, consider the factor, how often do you travel?

No one plans to experience an expensive emergency expense while travelling. Life100 offers you a complete travel insurance protection in one package. By purchasing travel insurance from Life100, you can travel without worrying about the unexpected expenses while travelling.

Travel insurance packages from Life100 provides coverage for Canadians travelling outside of Canada, which includes

  • Medical emergency
  • Trip interruption and cancellation
  • Damage/loss of baggage
  • Baggage delay
  • Travel and flight accident coverage

Ensure that you travel with emergency medical insurance.